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Criminal charges can have serious consequences. Aside from a conviction and sentencing, these consequences may include academic sanctions, career implications, and a tarnished reputation. Axley’s criminal defense attorneys understand these consequences and dedicate their careers to defending the presumption of innocence and the rights of their clients.

Axley’s Criminal Defense Team works to achieve the best possible end result at each step of the criminal process. Our Team can work with clients to influence a government investigation before the government actually charges them. After a charging decision is made, our Team can negotiate a settlement with the government or represent a client through a trial and appeal. From the government investigation through the final appeal, Axley’s Criminal Defense Team is ready to provide an aggressive defense.

Our goal is to protect our client’s interests while working toward the best possible outcome. Criminal defense is an outcome-driven area of law, where the right attorney can mean the difference between a prison sentence and reduced or dismissed charges.

Our Criminal Defense Team has extensive experience in both state and federal criminal proceedings and represents clients in both serious felony charges and misdemeanor charges. Our Team handles cases that deal with:

Our criminal defense attorneys provide personalized, client-centered representation. We carefully develop constitutional defenses around your case that are designed to terminate the prosecution in its early stages. In other cases, we search for realistic outcomes that are tailored to the client’s individual circumstances.


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