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Fact or Fiction: A Business Owner’s Guide to Divorce

Kathryn GriggMarch 13, 2018
A divorce is a stressful and complicated process full of uncertainty about the future.  When a divorce involves a closely-held...

Planning for Divorce Part 2: 5 Things NOT to do Before Divorce

Kathryn GriggSeptember 19, 2017
Although Wisconsin is a no-fault divorce state, your behavior and actions in the days leading up to, and during, the...

“Dislike”: Getting Served with Divorce Papers on Facebook

John G. Walsh, Kathryn GriggJune 2, 2015
Facebook may soon need to add a “Dislike” button because some users will not “Like” it when their ex-spouse posts...

Collaborative Divorce FAQ with Attorney Kathryn Grigg

Kathryn GriggSeptember 3, 2013
Kathryn Grigg is an attorney at Axley with an extensive family law practice. She provides expert counsel and advice regarding divorce,...