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Disability Doesn’t Protect Poor Performance or Erratic, Unexcused Absences

Dave McCormackJuly 10, 2020
In a recent ruling, the 7th Circuit (whose rulings apply to all Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin employers) emphasized that a...

Cannabis: Wisconsin’s New Favorite Import?

Jeremy LangeJuly 9, 2020
Wisconsin voters support the sale of cannabis for medicinal and recreational use, as demonstrated by the wide margins in referendums...

Wrestling with Paid Sick Leave for Both Parents When Schools Close for Pandemic

Heath StrakaJuly 9, 2020
With schools closed for the COVID-19 pandemic, both parents in two-parent households may want to stay home while shelter-in-place orders...

Does Workers’ Comp Cover Injuries While Working From Home?

Aneet KaurJuly 8, 2020
Do I have to pay worker’s compensation benefits to an employee who trips on her dog and injures her knee...

An Employer’s Guide to Screening/Testing for COVID-19

Leslie SammonJune 26, 2020
As businesses re-open, some of the questions employers have involve what type of screening they may or should conduct for...

DNR Modifies High Capacity Well Reviews

Sean FryeJune 22, 2020
On June 2, DNR announced it was modifying its high capacity well review process in response to a recent action...

OSHA Guidance for Employers

June 19, 2020
Over the past few months, OSHA released a series of resources and guidance for employers. This information including weekly tips...

Theft by Contractor

Thomas HofbauerJune 16, 2020
The penalties for a violation of Wisconsin’s “Theft by Contractor” statute can be severe.  If such a claim is proven,...

The Risks of CBD Use and THC Testing

Jeremy LangeJune 10, 2020
The widespread availability and use of CBD, in combination with imprecise drug tests, presents challenges to employees and employers. If...