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Design Professionals’ Standard of Care in Light of COVID-19

Thomas HofbauerJune 3, 2020
Design professionals provide various services as part of the construction process, including site visits, payment certification duties, problem solving, and...

Can Employers Restrict Travel by Employees?

Dave McCormackMay 29, 2020
As businesses re-open and increase business activity, more and more employers may face whether to monitor employees’ travel or restrict...

Timely Payments of Insurance Claims

Thomas HofbauerMay 28, 2020
Insurance companies are obligated to make payment on well-documented claims from their insureds within 30 days or face the accrual...

Potential Employer Liability for Employee Claims Related to COVID-19

Aneet KaurMay 27, 2020
As businesses start opening their doors, employers and employees alike are left wondering what liability an employer might face if...

Emergency Order Eases Licensing Processes to Expand Healthcare Workforce

Leslie SammonMay 26, 2020
In response to the shortage of healthcare providers needed to address the COVID-19 pandemic as well as other medical conditions...

Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Insurance Agency

Robert ProcterMay 22, 2020
In Emer’s Camper Corral, LLC v. Jensen-Sundquist Insurance Agency, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that the Jensen-Sundquist Insurance Agency was...

Memorial Day Amidst COVID-19

Sean FryeMay 21, 2020
As the long Memorial Day weekend is quickly upon us, which unofficially marks the start of summer for many, we...

Residential Landlords Face Criminal Liability for Unlawfully Withholding Security Deposit

Danielle TierneyMay 20, 2020
Most landlords are aware of their obligation to provide a tenant with an itemized security deposit withholding form within 21...

OSHA Updates Enforcement Guidance for Employer Reporting of COVID-19 Cases

Dave McCormackMay 20, 2020
On May 19, 2020, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued Revised Enforcement Guidance for Recording Cases of Coronavirus...