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FDIC Adopts Final Rules for Private Equity Investments in Failed Banks

Edward LawtonSeptember 8, 2009
At the August 26, 2009 meeting of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Board of Directors, the Board adopted final policies...

Wisconsin FMLA-Leave Rights Now Extend to Domestic Partners

Leslie SammonSeptember 1, 2009
On June 29, 2009, Governor Jim Doyle signed into law the Wisconsin budget, which includes provisions to extend certain leave...

Lay Damage Witnesses: Diamonds in the Rough

Mike RileyAugust 13, 2009
This article first appeared in the The Verdict’s Summer 2009, Volume 32:3 issue. The Verdict is published by the Wisconsin Association for Justice.  Lay...

Issues in Structuring a Mezzanine Finance Transaction

Edward Lawton, Jonathan SchusterAugust 11, 2009
Introduction Given the significant amount of debt that must be refinanced or otherwise dealt with over the 2009-2012 time period,...

Retaliation Provision of FLSA Does Not Apply to Unwritten Oral Complaints

August 6, 2009
written by Carol A. Chapman The Seventh U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals (which covers Wisconsin) recently concluded that the plain...

Damaged Goods

Mike RileyJuly 29, 2009
Collecting for Loss-of-Value and Loss-of-Use In its recent decision in Hellenbrand v. Hillard, et al., the District IV of the Court...

Changes to Wisconsin Auto Insurance

Mike RileyJuly 27, 2009
This summary was originally presented by Wisconsin Association for Justice (WAJ) President Mark L. Thomsen at WAJ’s 2009 Summer Seminar....

State Worker Can Be Sued For Failing to Follow Safety Regulations

July 20, 2009
In Umansky v. ABC Insurance, Inc., 2009 WI 82, ____ Wis. 2d ____, ____ N.W.2d ____, the Wisconsin Supreme Court held...

Evaluate Franchise Opportunities Carefully

Larry LibmanJuly 20, 2009
A franchise business may provide an excellent opportunity for an entrepreneur. Whether a restaurant, dry cleaner, health club, tax preparer...