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Contracts Matter: Subcontractor Required to Pay General Contractor’s Legal Bills

Buck Sweeney, Robert Procteragosto 18, 2008
Should a subcontractor be required to pay the legal expenses to defend a builder against a construction defect lawsuit, when...

Software With SaaS

julio 29, 2008
Software agreements that use the «software as a service» or «SaaS» (pronounced «sass») deployment model are becoming increasingly common. In...

Property Tax Objections and Appeal Procedures: Changes in the Law!

Timothy Fennerjulio 15, 2008
Introduction In the past, property owners who objected to assessments of properties by the local assessor had a number of...

The False Claims Act: Protecting the Public From False Submissions for Claims to the Federal Government

Lori Lubinskyjunio 1, 2008
Law of the Month A. The False Claims Act Under a federal statute known as the False Claims Act (FCA),...

Association Discrimination: Yet Another Pitfall for the Unwary Employer

abril 1, 2008
The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, which covers Wisconsin, recently revived Phillis Dewitt’s claim for «association discrimination» under the Americans...

Rental Cabin Falls Outside Wisconsin’s Valued Policy Statute

Mitch Olsonmarzo 1, 2008
Wisconsin Statute § 632.05(2), commonly called the “valued policy law,” provides that when insured real property is wholly destroyed, the...

Occupational Diseases Under the Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Act

Troy Thompsonmarzo 1, 2008
Employment Law of the Month Under the Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Act, an employee can make a claim for worker’s compensation...

The Importance of a Sound Document Retention Policy

diciembre 11, 2007
Many employers are uncertain about their obligation to retain employment records. While state and federal law may require the retention...