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Employer Puts FMLA Interference and Retaliation Claims to Rest

Michael ModlMay 24, 2018
Employers with 50 or more employees know the myriad compliance issues that arise out of federal law and regulations governing...

U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Epic Systems Class Action Waivers

Michael ModlMay 21, 2018
Today, the United States Supreme Court, in what will likely be an important decision for employers and employees, ruled in...

Changes to Wisconsin Landlord-Tenant Laws: Service and Support Animals, and More

Conor Leedom, Edward LawtonMay 9, 2018
Governor Walker signed into law Wisconsin Act 317, also known as the ‘Landlord’s Omnibus Bill’ (the “Act”) on April 16,...

Limits on the Scope of Wisconsin’s Recreational Immunity Statute

Mike RileyApril 19, 2018
Wisconsin’s Recreational Immunity statute, Wis. Stat. § 895.52, provides owners of private property with broad protection from liability to persons...

Limits on Charges for Medical Records

Mike RileyApril 19, 2018
The cost of obtaining copies of a client’s or claimant’s medical records can be significant for lawyers representing an injured...

Agricultural Land Tax Designation Requires No Business Purpose

Conor LeedomMarch 27, 2018
The March 7, 2018 decision of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals in The Peter Ogden Family Trust of 2008 and...

LLC Disputes: Supreme Court to Weigh In

Justin LessnerMarch 26, 2018
Does a member of an LLC have standing to personally sue another member of the LLC for self-dealing or other...

(C)UP, (C)UP, and Away? Where Will the New CUP Law Take Applicant-Landowners Now?

Don Murn, Tracy MurnMarch 22, 2018
The Legislature liked it so much, so they wrote some legislation on it. Conditional Use Permits, or CUPs, are a...

Fact or Fiction: A Business Owner’s Guide to Divorce

Kathryn GriggMarch 13, 2018
A divorce is a stressful and complicated process full of uncertainty about the future.  When a divorce involves a closely-held...