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Up a Creek With a Paddle and No Pier

Tracy Murn, Richard Petershack, Micheal HahnJanuary 25, 2018
Following a case recently issued by the Supreme Court of Wisconsin, a riparian owner on a flowage may now be...

Proposed Bill Would Limit Local Government Control Over Employment Matters

Justin LessnerJanuary 25, 2018
Republican state lawmakers recently proposed legislation that would limit local governments from enacting ordinances and other employment rules that are...

Wisconsin Weather Poses Various Risks for Employers

Danielle BaudhuinJanuary 25, 2018
As the cold Wisconsin winter finally begins to set in and the snow begins to fall, employers should be aware...

Tax Reform: A Reason to Revisit Employee/Contractor Classifications

William FoleyJanuary 25, 2018
The race to the finish line on tax reform ran at an unprecedented pace. From the time a first draft...

The Five Questions to Ask Before Buying a Business

Tyler WilkinsonJanuary 16, 2018
Millennials are reaching the age when they start thinking seriously about buying or buying into the business where they are...

You Can’t Work Here, or There, or Anywhere

Micheal HahnJanuary 2, 2018
Every company wants to protect itself from competition by former employees, but how do you know when a restriction goes...

#MeToo: Sexual Harassment is Alive, and It Is Not Well

Saul GlazerJanuary 2, 2018
The recent dismissal of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein from the company that bore his name has again opened wounds of...

When Is a Leave of Absence Not a Reasonable Accommodation?

Michael WestcottJanuary 2, 2018
In a recent decision, the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals (whose rulings apply to all Wisconsin employers) rejected the Equal Employment...

Getting the PIP Process Right

Michael ModlDecember 28, 2017
An employee continues to make mistakes that cost the company money. You meet with her and place her on a...