Construction Projects in Uncertain Times

marzo 27, 2020

These are new times from a building and contracting perspective.  While many construction contractors continue to work on their projects, some contractors are sending out notices that they are being adversely affected for timeframes and costs due to COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus.   Some of these notices provide reassurance to owners, and others may make the owner of the project nervous and consider closing down the project.

We believe that in times of crisis like this, everyone should be working together and communicating exactly what is going on in each project. Each project will be different, depending on the status of the project and the materials. Some materials may not be available due to the Coronavirus. Other projects may proceed more smoothly, such as road projects where traffic is much less of a problem today than it was two weeks ago.

We recommend all contractors communicate with the owner, the engineer, and all the subcontractors. It is more critical than ever to have regularly scheduled meetings and, most importantly, to document what is going on in the meetings, including what was said by all parties. More immediately, it is important to work together to resolve these issues and beat the Coronavirus.