Axley’s Class Action Attorneys have been successful both in defending class actions. We have also had success teaming up with other law firms in prosecuting class and collective actions on behalf of Wisconsin citizens. We have used our experience in employment, products liability, federal court and e-discovery matters to improve our class action practice. Attorneys at Axley have the personnel and technology to handle large volumes of discovery material cost-effectively.

Our firm regularly appears in federal and state court in class and collective actions involving employment issues.  Axley’s Class Action Lawyers represent employers in claims before federal agencies, such as the EEOC, that handle class-based claims of discrimination.  In addition, Axley has also represented Wisconsin citizens in class action proceedings which are part of multi-district litigation. Axley has one of the most experienced class action team of attorneys in the state.

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Quasi-Class Action Harassment Lawsuit Brought by EEOC
Represented employer in quasi-class action harassment lawsuit brought by EEOC

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