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Important Real Estate Filing Notice: Wisconsin Real Estate Transfer Return

June 26, 2009
written by Heidi G. Gunyon
Pursuant to 2007 Act 219 (Senate Bill 549) all real estate transfer returns must be filed electronically beginning July 1, 2009. Beginning July 1, 2009, Wisconsin Registers of Deeds will no longer accept the paper Wisconsin Real Estate Transfer Return (PE 500).

If you have a closing before July 1 but cannot record until on or after July 1, you must use the electronic return. If you mail a deed and transfer return (green form) to a Register of Deeds office, the documents must arrive prior to July 1, or they will be rejected and returned to you. A postmark date prior to July 1 will not be accepted.

To file an electronic return, please visit the Wisconsin Department of Revenue’s Web site.