Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Attorneys at Axley handle cases involving drunk driving, assault, theft, homicide, and other felonies and misdemeanors. Our criminal defense lawyers understand criminal charges can have serious consequences. Aside from a conviction and sentencing, these consequences may include academic sanctions, career implications, and a tarnished reputation. Thus, our defense lawyers dedicate their careers to defending the presumption of innocence and the rights of their clients.

Our team works to achieve the best possible end result at each step of the criminal process. They can work with clients to influence a government investigation before the government actually charges them. After a charging decision is made, our Team can negotiate a settlement with the government, or represent a client through a trial and appeal. From the government investigation through the final appeal, Axley’s Criminal Defense Team is ready to provide an aggressive defense.

Criminal defense is an outcome-driven area of law, where the right attorney can mean the difference between a prison sentence and reduced or dismissed charges.


Our Criminal Defense Team has extensive experience in both state and federal criminal proceedings, and represents clients in both serious felony charges and misdemeanor charges.


Our criminal defense attorneys provide personalized, aggressive representation. We carefully develop constitutional defenses around cases, attempting to terminate prosecution in its early stages. In other situations, we search for realistic outcomes that are tailored to the client’s individual circumstances.

Client Successes

Some of our past experience in the field.
Dismissal - Possession of Child Pornography Based on Unlawful Search Warrant
Successfully moved Court to dismiss multi-count charge of possession of child pornography based on unlawful search warrant.
Hough, Brian C.
Criminal Defense
Not Guilty - Battery to a Law Enforcement Officer and Reckless Endangerment to Officer's Safety
Won jury trial defending individual charged with Battery to a Law Enforcement Officer and Reckless Endangerment to Officer's Safety.
Hough, Brian C.
Criminal Defense
Dismissal - Drunk Driving at Over Three Times the Legal Limit
Obtained dismissal of a drunk driving case in which the driver was observed driving erratically with a .26 blood alcohol level by proving that the arrest violated the driver’s Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable seizures because the officer initiated the arrest in the driver’s backyard patio without a warrant, consent or exigent circumstances.
Hough, Brian C.
Criminal Defense, Drunk Driving

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