Student Issues & University Discipline

Students frequently face civil citations, criminal charges or academic sanctions – and sometimes a combination of all three.

These charges often follow Badger Football games, Homecoming festivities, Freakfest (and other Halloween events), the annual Mifflin Street Block Party and various other parties (including Greek life parties) on and off campus.

Some of the most common charges involve:
  • Alcohol or OWI charges
  • Drug possession or sale
  • Physical assaults
  • Damage to property

Depending on the infraction – and whether it occurs on or off campus – a criminal offense may also involve academic discipline by the college or university. This may include suspension or outright expulsion.

We routinely work with parents and students when the Madison Police, Campus Police, Sheriff or other agencies issue charges against students. We have consistently been successful in negotiating “plea agreements” for clients that include:

  • Dismissal of all charges
  • Reduced charges
  • Community service
  • Deferred prosecution (without a record of conviction)
  • Expungement (removal) of the conviction from the student’s public record

Of course, each case is different. We cannot guarantee any specific result when we agree to take a case. However, we do guarantee we will use our best efforts to obtain the best results possible for our clients.

Note to Parents: If your son or daughter has a “clean record,” it is imperative to make every legal effort to keep your child’s record “clean.” Misdemeanors must be treated seriously. It is a common mistake to plead “no contest” to your child’s first infraction. However, if your child is charged a second time– even years later – his or her first “no contest” conviction makes it much more difficult to successfully resolve – or obtain a favorable plea bargain – in the later case. Do everything within reason to keep the “first offense” off your child’s record. If you do not, and your child violates the law again, the district attorney is more likely to file more serious charges and less likely to “give a break” to your child on the second offense.

Student Issues & University Discipline Attorneys

Client Successes

25 Hours of Community Service for Burglary
Represented a juvenile who was arrested for participating in a burglary with two others. While in custody he admitted to the crime. We obtained a Consent Decree for a deferred prosecution and client performed 25 hours of community service.

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