Dane County and Madison Public Health Emergency Order #12 Eases Previous Restrictions

January 14, 2021

Public Health Madison & Dane County (PHMDC) issued Emergency Order #12, which went into effect as of 12:01am on January 13, 2021. The Order mirrors the previous emergency orders, but makes three changes that ease previous restrictions.

First, the Order allows outdoor gatherings with up to 50 individuals in attendance (not including employees). The previous order limited outdoor gatherings to 25 individuals. Individuals who attend an outdoor gathering must continue to maintain six (6) feet of physical distancing from anyone they do not live with. Additionally, indoor gatherings continue to be limited to 10 individuals, with physical distancing and face coverings required.

Second, low-risk sports may now be played, including games and competitions, if players maintain six (6) feet of physical distancing “to the greatest extent possible.” Low-risk sports are ones that can be done individually, with minimal to no sharing of equipment or participants are able to clean equipment between each use. There are no changes to the restrictions on medium and high-risk sports, which continues to require physical distancing of six (6) feet at all times.

Third, drive-in activities are permitted, including offering outdoor seating and allowing patrons to leave their vehicles to purchase food and drink or use the restroom. Drive-in activities must comply with other provisions within the order, including outdoor gathering limitations and physical distancing requirements. In the previous order, drive-in activities were prohibited from providing outdoor seating, and patrons were not allowed to leave their vehicles.

The Order continues to require face coverings for people five (5) years of age and older when in an enclosed space with individuals from different households.

The Order is in effect until February 10, 2021.

Amy Harriman
Amy Harriman