Axley Loses Attorney of 50 Years

February 18, 2013

36507_FrankBucaida02On February 6, Axley said goodbye to one of our own. Attorney Frank Bucaida was Axley. He loved the firm. He loved the law. He was a loyal partner, and his colleagues were his second family. He also never judged his clients, but cared deeply whether they received fair treatment under the law. For some, Frank’s background would have been an impediment. But for Frank, he knew who he was, what he wanted to be (an Axley attorney)–and with family and friends always first–he was the full package. A wonderful human being, a great scholar of the law, a superb teacher, a person who never tolerated one taking any shortcuts to do excellent work (you better have read the statute and case law), a livingĀ embodimentĀ of happiness, and lastly, a friend of many.

He will be missed, but Axley will never forget him.