When What Happens on Mifflin Street Doesn’t Stay on Mifflin Street

April 22, 2019

A fair number of college students receive citations for underage drinking, underage possession, ID violations, drug possession, paraphernalia possession, disorderly conduct, or resisting/obstructing during the Mifflin Street Block Party.  Many students do not realize that the civil violation you just received from the City of Madison police department is not the end of the road.

The citation you just received will also be forwarded to the Division of Student Life at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Once the Division of Student Life receives notification, they will send you an email requesting an interview with you regarding the circumstances surrounding the citation. This is the commencement of the University of Wisconsin system disciplinary process, called “non-academic discipline,” which can affect your status as a student.

For a first violation, depending on the specific facts and circumstances of your situation, discipline may involve alcohol education classes, a letter of reprimand, or an alcohol and other drug assessment.  However, if you are in campus housing and you receive a drug or alcohol violation, you could be removed from your residence, and prohibited from residing in on-campus housing for the following semester or academic year.

For a second violation, the penalties are similar; however, it depends on how recently your first violation occurred. If the first violation was in the same year as your second violation, you could be facing non-academic probation or some other form of university supervision.

For a third violation, again, depending on the specific facts and circumstances or your situation, this could result in the University trying to suspend or expel you from school. This is the first opportunity the university allows a “hearing” process.

If you are suspended or expelled, the notation of your academic status will appear on your external transcript, which could prevent you from re-enrolling in another college or university during the period of suspension or expulsion.  Axley attorneys are also equipped to aid with underlying citations or criminal charges that occur in conjunction to University discipline. It is important for you to obtain qualified counsel to assist you during this process and not think, “it’s not a big deal and nothing is going to happen.”