technology5Here at Axley, we are firm believers in moving with the times. And similar to the manner in which we stay up-to-date on pertinent legal issues, we take pride in staying up-to-date on technological innovations, utilizing advanced technology to help us do what we do best.

Our attorneys are proficient in modern-day technology, and they know how to use it to strengthen both teamwork and communication with clients. Additionally, they know how to use technology to creatively problem-solve, never settling on one solution until exploring all reasonable options.

Axley attorneys also strive to better the environment through implementing more eco-friendly initiatives. With an emphasis on electronic storage, not only do Axley attorneys achieve improved organization, but they stay true to their principles, too.

Well-equipped with iPads, computers, tablets and other various forms of advanced technology allowing for 24/7 access to cost-effective legal services—Axley attorneys are always prepared to give clients the experiences they expect, innovation they require and dedication they deserve.

Security and confidentiality are extremely important throughout our technological infrastructure. Axley incorporates strong security policies and frequent audits in order to maintain high standards in this area. By having two full-time IT professionals in our office, Axley’s technology is constantly maintained and upgraded. Attorneys and other staff members receive extensive hands-on training with all technology, too.

Specific tools incorporated into Axley’s technology:

  • Top-line virtualization software to cut energy costs and improve uptime and system reliability
  • Top-rated document management software system
  • Top-rated remote access software system
  • Top-rated redaction software for assistance with eDiscovery
  • Top-rated telephone system using VOIP internally
  • Top-rated email archiving solution for compliance
  • Comprehensive case management and diary system including integration with RSS feeds
  • Progressive eDiscovery management, processing, imaging, review and document production tools
  • Email metadata scrubbing software for sending attachments externally
  • Secure extranet for confidential and safe transfer of data to/from clients
  • Secure electronic recycling of retired hardware so no data can be leaked
  • Multiple levels of virus protection
  • Industry-leading scanning equipment to fulfill PaperLESS initiative
  • Ability to remotely wipe lost or stolen portable devices
  • Self-encrypting hard drives
  • Elaborate encryption of data backups
  • Server room in secure controlled environment
  • External monitoring service of infrastructure to minimize down time
  • Email queue system in case of system, internet or power outages
  • Redundant top-tier networking equipment in case of hardware failure
  • 24/7 technical support for attorneys with in-house staff and third-party service

Axley is a cutting-edge leader in using technology to help its attorneys provide quality, timely, efficient and cost-effective legal services. We are staying relevant, as well as staying connected with our clients.