Estate, Trust, & Fiduciary Litigation

While it’s everyone’s hope that their estate will be free from dispute, unfortunately wills and trusts are drafted by human beings, and sometimes testators don’t update their testamentary documents as they intended to, or should.  Estate matters therefore regularly result in the need for litigation to resolve disputes, clarify ambiguous documents, or confirm a testator’s wishes.

Trust and estate litigation attorneys handle matters such as:
  • Will contests (when a party challenges a will, such as claiming forgery, or procurement through undue influence or fraud)
  • Fiduciary representative litigation (challenges to the appointment or performance of a personal representative or trustee)
  • Declaratory judgments (resolving issues that are ambiguous or that original testamentary documents did not contemplate, or obtaining judicial approval of particular actions)

At Axley, we have an experienced team of trust and estate litigation attorneys who have represented litigants in all capacities, and achieved successful and cost-effective results for numerous clients.  We don’t just know the law; we have vast experience before the court systems and adjudicators that will hear and resolve your dispute.  You don’t want your parents’ or children’s legal affairs, or your business, in the hands of litigators who are doing this for the first time.

Axley trust and estate litigation attorneys also have experience in a wide variety of estate sizes, from small family businesses to estates in the hundreds of millions of dollars.  We take pride in “right sizing” our strategies and case plans to get efficient, effective results.

Finally, while many estate disputes require a court resolution, we also have experience in mediation and alternative dispute resolution practices that may allow litigants to achieve results that wouldn’t be possible before a tribunal.  Our goal is always to achieve what is best for the client.

Estate, Trust, & Fiduciary Litigation Attorneys

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