Farm & Construction Accidents

One of the most hazardous occupations in the United States is farming. According to the Department of Labor, farming accidents cause injury to thousands and death to hundreds of farm workers each year.

Farming machinery, particularly tractors, usually cause farming accidents. Tractor accidents are the main cause of injuries and death in farming. Approximately 52 percent of all tractor accidents involve tractor rollovers. Although manufacturers are aware of the risk of tractor rollovers, implementing necessary safety measures is a slow process. Many tractors lack rollover bars that protect a driver in tractor rollovers.

In the United States, some of our most severe, disabling and often fatal injuries also occur at construction sites. The nature of construction sites change daily. As a result, evidence is lost or disappears without warning. Various parties at the site often deny any responsibility following a construction accident.

In the event of a serious injury or death, Axley’s personal injury lawyers promptly undertake an evaluation and investigation of the accident. Uncovering evidence of precisely what happened to cause the accident is often difficult and challenging. Depending on the results of the investigation, the project owners, general contractors, architects and engineers, subcontractors and insurance companies may individually or collectively be responsible for failures to abide by safety rules or for creating unsafe conditions. Legal issues to address include: job site responsibility, industry standards, OSHA regulations and Wisconsin Safe Place law.

Construction accidents often result in severe injuries. Serious brain injuries, fractures, falls, electrocution, nerve injuries, paraplegia, quadriplegia and death are too often the result of neglect and carelessness at a job site. We work to identify the responsible party(s) at the job site.

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