Client Successes

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Real Estate Litigation Relating to Use Restriction

Successfully represented real estate developer through trial in lawsuit filed by commercial tenant seeking damages in excess of $800,000 relating to the scope of a use restriction in the commercial lease prohibiting certain types of restaurants from operating near the tenants location.

Claims, Litigation and Other Disputes on Public and Private Projects

Represents owners, general contractors, subcontractors and sureties in claims, litigation and other disputes on public and private projects

Contract Negotiations, Performance Issues and Claims Avoidance/Resolution

Regularly represents clients on contract negotiations, performance issues and claims avoidance and resolution

Obtained Defense Verdict in Multimillion-Dollar Alleged “Bad Feed” Claim

Obtained defense verdict for client following lengthy jury trial arising from an alleged “bad feed” claim.

Prosecuting Claims in Connection with Failed Public Improvements

Represents public owners in prosecuting claims in connection with failed public improvements.

Commercial Real Estate Developments, Transactions and Disputes

Represents owners in commercial real estate developments and transactions, and in disputes relating to deficient design and construction

Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation and Dispute Review Board

Represents clients in litigation as well as alternative dispute resolution (ADR) proceedings, including arbitration and mediation

Brian Mullins
Litigation, Mediation & Arbitration
Breach of Dealership Agreement – $100,000+ Settlement

Sued dealership for breach of dealership agreement. Settled for over $100,000.

Brian Hough
Distribution & Franchise
Successful Representation of Grantor of Dealership – Alleged $3M in Lost Profits

Won case for grantor of dealership: Grantor was found not liable in federal lawsuit in which the dealer alleged three million dollars in lost profits. The dealer was found liable for over $200,000 in attorneys’ fees.

Brian Hough
Distribution & Franchise
Successful Representation of Grantor of Dealership – Corporate Debts

Won trial for grantor of dealership: The owner of the dealership alleged he was not personally liable for the dealership’s corporate debts.  Owner found personally responsible for $500,000.

Brian Hough
Distribution & Franchise
Successful Representation of Grantor of Dealership – Alleged Breach of Agreement

Won case for grantor of dealership: The dealer alleged the grantor breached the Wisconsin Fair Dealership Law, the dealership agreement, and the Implied Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing. The grantor was found not liable.

Brian Hough
Distribution & Franchise
Unlawful Termination – $350,000 Settlement

Sued grantor of dealership for unlawful termination of an implied exclusive distributorship and for violation of the Wisconsin Fair Dealership Law and obtained $350,000 settlement.

Brian Hough
Distribution & Franchise
Dismissal of Insurer – Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Obtained dismissal of insurer in federal court coverage action involving noise induced hearing loss based on res judicata. Court previously denied motion to dismiss but overturned its prior ruling on a motion to reconsider and entered judgment in favor of insurer.

Justin Lessner
Obtained Dismissal of Foreign Exercise Equipment Manufacturer

Obtained dismissal of foreign manufacturer of exercise equipment in product liability lawsuit based on lack of personal jurisdiction.

Justin Lessner
Litigation, Products Liability
Obtained Summary Judgment in Lawsuit Alleging Fraudulent Conduct

Obtained summary judgment on behalf of a construction company in lawsuit alleging fraudulent conduct and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Justin Lessner
Commercial Litigation, Litigation
Obtained Summary Judgment on Behalf of Insurer in Wisconsin Bad Faith Action

Obtained summary judgment on behalf of insurer in Wisconsin bad faith action arising out of the homeowner’s misrepresentations concerning sale of a multi-million dollar property.  Dismissal affirmed on appeal.

Justin Lessner
Appellate Practice, Litigation
Obtained Summary Judgment on Behalf of Structural Steel Contractor

Obtained summary judgment on behalf of structural steel contractor in personal injury lawsuit that occurred at a large condominium building.

Justin Lessner
Successfully Defended Limited Liability Company in Action Seeking Temporary Restraining Order

Successfully defended limited liability company in action seeking temporary restraining order and other relief arising out of purchase of a downtown Chicago commercial building.

Dismissal – Drunk Driving at Over Three Times the Legal Limit

Obtained dismissal of a drunk driving case in which the driver was observed driving erratically with a .26 blood alcohol level by proving that the arrest violated the driver’s Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable seizures because the officer initiated the arrest in the driver’s backyard patio without a warrant, consent or exigent circumstances.

Brian Hough
Criminal Defense, Drunk Driving
Purchase of Parking Garage from Municipal Authority

Represented the purchaser of a parking garage complex from a municipal authority

Laura Peck