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Axley attorneys represent both landowners and acquiring agencies in condemnation matters throughout all parts of Wisconsin. We combine our thorough knowledge of eminent domain law with decades of negotiation, litigation and trial experience.

We work closely with condemning authority clients to ensure that they acquire all rights necessary for their project in a fast, efficient and cost-effective manner. We are well-versed in acquisitions under both § 32.05 and § 32.06 of the Wisconsin Statutes. We can assist in any phase of the acquisition process, from negotiation with the landowners through all phases of litigation, should that be necessary.

We also work closely with our landowner clients to maximize the economic benefit, while minimizing the negative impacts of the condemnation on their overall interests. Our professional relationships with area engineers, appraisers and development contractors facilitate our ability to obtain fair results and, if necessary, try cases effectively and successfully.

Axley attorneys are also experienced and effective in representing clients involved in regulatory takings and inverse condemnation. Whether the claim is litigated in state or federal court, Axley attorneys have the knowledge and experience required to provide clients with the highest level of quality and timely legal representation.

All of these factors combined with our experience ensure that Axley attorneys are proficient and well-honed in all aspects of the condemnation process, from the point in time when the condemning authority begins landowner negotiations through trial and appeal. We are committed to providing quality, cost-effective service to our clients in all matters relating to eminent domain.

We post timely articles pertaining to condemnation and eminent domain on our own blog, The Preeminent Domain. The blog allows users – both attorneys and non-attorneys – to exchange ideas and communicate efficiently about industry trends. Visit our online community at


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