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Caucus Scandal/John Doe Proceedings: Immunity

Represented both the director of the Assembly Republican Caucus and the director of the Assembly Democratic Caucus in negotiations with prosecutors from the Dane County District Attorney and the Wisconsin Attorney General offices. Both clients obtained immunity and neither was charged with a crime. Also represented various corporate and individual witnesses during the John Doe proceedings.

John Walsh
Criminal Defense, White Collar
Not Guilty – Aggravated Battery, Disorderly Conduct, Bail Jumping and False Imprisonment

Client charged with Aggravated Battery, Disorderly Conduct, Bail Jumping, and False Imprisonment. The individual punched a woman several times in the face, threw her through a glass door, and dragged her down the sidewalk by her hair. When she tried to flee in a car, the client threw the door open, pulling the door slightly off the hinges, and yanked the woman out of the moving car onto the pavement. Obtained “Not Guilty” jury verdict on all counts.

Dismissal – Attempted Homicide, Aggravated Battery and Armed Burglary Charges

Defended an individual who allegedly inflicted a near fatal stab wound to another person, and was charged with Attempted Homicide, Aggravated Battery, Armed Burglary and Reckless Endangerment. Negotiated dismissal of the Attempted Homicide, Aggravated Battery and Armed Burglary charges. At sentencing, no further jail was ordered.

Reduction of Homicide Charge to Simple Delivery of Controlled Substance

Defended individual who allegedly injected his friend with a fatal dose of heroin and was charged with First Degree Reckless Homicide. Presented forensic evidence which called into question the cause of death, which resulted in reduction of the homicide charge to simple delivery of a controlled substance.

Brian Hough
Criminal Defense, Drug Crimes, Homicide
Dismissal – Unprovoked Attack on Popular College Football Player

Defended an individual who was accused of an unprovoked attack on a popular college football player who was a Heisman Trophy candidate.  Through plea negotiations, the client was given an opportunity for dismissal of the charges through a deferred prosecution agreement.

Not Guilty – Officer Drunk Driving at Twice the Legal Limit

Won a drunk driving jury trial in which the accused was a prominent law enforcement officer. The officer had a blood alcohol level of twice the legal limit. He was found not guilty.

Brian Hough
Criminal Defense, Drunk Driving
Merger & Acquisition – Insurance Agencies & Financial Service Providers

Merger and acquisition regarding insurance agencies and financial service providers

Local Counsel – Multi-State Financing Transactions

Local counsel in multi-state financing transactions

Timothy Fenner
Representation of Insurance-Related Entities

Representation of insurance-related entities concerning regulation and compliance with rules of Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance, including disciplinary and licensing matters

Timothy Fenner
Representation of Municipal Entities

Representation of municipal entities concerning annexations, inter-governmental cooperation, public works projects, public financing, utility regulation and tax incremental financing matters

Lead Associate – Multimillion-Dollar Securities Fraud Claim Against Partnership Blind Pool Investment Fund

Lead associate in pursuing a multimillion-dollar securities fraud claim against a limited partnership blind pool investment fund on behalf of a group of limited partners.

Strategic Reorganization Involving $30M Private Venture Fund Investor

Engaged and currently assisting client with strategic reorganization involving a $30 million dollar private venture fund investor.

Negotiation and Refinancing of Apartment Complex Project with National Lender

Representation of the owner of a significant multi-family apartment complex located in Florida in negotiating and structuring the refinancing the project with a national lender within a very short time frame

Larry Libman
Negotiation of Long Term Complex Lease with National Food Manufacturing Tenant

Representation of the owner of several large industrial buildings in negotiation of a long term complex lease with a national food manufacturing tenant

Larry Libman
Negotiation and Implementation of Licensing Contracts

Representation of a technology licensing company in the negotiation and implementation of licensing contracts with new licensees in the United States, Canada, Asia, Europe and the Middle East

Larry Libman
Development of New Water Park Resort

Representation of a large water park hotel developer in the development of a new water park resort with a variety of facilities

Conversion of Several Properties to Hotel Condominiums

Represented large resort owners in conversion of several properties to hotel condominiums and structuring the sale of the units

Larry Libman
Purchase, Annexation and Development of Land

Representation of local real estate developer in the purchase of a large tract of vacant land, annexation of the land into an adjoining municipality and development of three separate apartment projects on the property

Freeze Out, Squeeze Out / Shareholder Oppression Matters and Business Disputes

Represented companies, majority shareholders and minority shareholders, and members in freeze out, squeeze out, and related shareholder oppression matters and business disputes

Jonathan Schuster
Airport Improvement Projects

Represents airports throughout the state to acquire land rights necessary for airport improvement projects.